What’s For Breakfast? Eggs!


There are lots of paleo breakfast options.  But I’ll be honest: I pretty much just eat eggs.

E is for Egg, That’s Good Enough for Me

I saw a question recently on a paleo message board: “Is it ok to have 2 eggs for breakfast every day?”  To my delight, almost all the answers were things like, “No, you should be eating at least 3.”

I eat 3 eggs, over-easy, almost every morning.  I usually cook them in butter, but sometimes I mix it up with olive oil, duck fat (I render it off duck breasts and strain it through a cheesecloth into a jar–delicious and basically free, if you’re already going to buy the duck), bacon fat, or coconut oil.  It takes exactly as long for my eggs to cook as it does for my coffee to brew–which in my opinion, makes it the perfect breakfast for a workday.  I don’t have to think about it, it only takes a few minutes, and it keeps me full all morning.

I love over-easy eggs, because I think warm, runny egg yolks are among the most delicious things on earth (and yes, you should eat the yolks).  Plus, eggs are a super-food, especially if you get pastured eggs (or at least organic or Omega-3 eggs).  Eggs are definitely a food worth prioritizing when considering what to trade up in food quality…although I personally don’t, because my family’s egg consumption is 3 dozen a week, so Costco is going to do it for me for now.

Mixing it up, Gordon Ramsay-style

I never get sick of over-easy eggs.  But I do occasionally eat them scrambled, especially if I’m sharing them with my toddler (scrambled eggs with butter is her favorite breakfast–like mother, like daughter).  I really like Gordan Ramsay’s method for cooking scrambled eggs.  (Obviously, omit the toast.  I don’t do the creme fraiche either, and it’s still great.)

Eat Your Vegetables…with Eggs!

I also really love this quiche recipe from one of my favorite sites, PaleoLeap.com.  You can make it with whatever vegetables you have lying around.  I often make it with canned spinach, canned tomatoes, and garlic and eat it as a Lazy Weeknight Meal (TM).  (Just be sure to grease up your baking dish really well, because if you forget to add cooking fat, it’s a pain to clean.)

Actually, you should check out all the egg recipes from Paleo Leap. That author, Sebastien Noel, has literally never led me astray–all of his recipes that I’ve tried have been great (not just the egg ones).

Egg Alternatives

If you don’t believe that dietary cholesterol does not predict mortality or just need more variety in your breakfasts than I do, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck.  There are plenty of paleo breakfast options beyond eggs, which I will write about another time.

Like bacon!

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